An Animoji representation of me

Duncan Ogle

I'm a senior front-end developer based in Manchester. Sometimes I help people learn how to code. Feel free to check out my LinkedIn, GitHub, or send me an email.

Personal projects


Custom built recipe/shopping planner. Always a playground for practising my skills, it was initially written in AngularJS, but it now written using Preact.

Solving a first-world problem of having to open too many apps in the morning, with train, tube, and weather to check, I created a simple webpage to consume third party API’s, and display in a single page.

Window for Reddit (unreleased)

A React-Native app I am building for casually browsing images, GIFs, and videos on Reddit. Designed to be simple and take up the full screen.

Fingle (Web)

Based on the original Android game I built, this is a port to the web using Typescript and HTML5 Canvas. How long can you last?

Boolean Search Parser

A PHP library that takes boolean logic and converts it into MySQL Fulltext search logic.