Duncan Ogle

London based software engineer

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Work experience

Ostmodern are digital product designers and content delivery experts specialising in video-centred products.

My role at TheJobPost was all-encompassing, with responsibilities in maintaining a legacy system, design and development of new features, and eventually the release of a brand-new system.

Personal projects

Custom built recipe/shopping planner. When no other solution was good enough, I though "I can do that" - and so I did. Built using Lumen for the backend and AngularJS for the front end. Not currently open to the public.

Solving a first-world problem of having to open too many apps in the morning, with train, tube, and weather to check, I created a simple webpage to consume third party API’s, and display in a single page.

A simple game for Android. Hold your finger on the circles and move between them for as long as possible!

Boolean Search Parser
A PHP library that takes boolean logic and converts it into MySQL Fulltext search logic.